About GD DevelopmentManaged by a Group of Professionals

GD Development Sdn.Bhd. was established in October 26, 2009. It’s headquarter is located in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia; surrounded by lush green hills and a beautiful natural lake. The core business of the group of companies is to establish an integrated business entity of property development, construction, design and architecture, with the scientific concept of development and the integration of the fundamental economic value of a new core vision, striving to be the leader in architectural, engineering, design, residential, industrial and construction market materials and other fields to develop new designs, forging the good to great.


To become the most inspiring and competitive real estate leader in the conglomerate and to promote human, economic, social and environmental coexistence in development value.


Integrity – people-oriented, honest and credible.
Innovation – daring novelty, foresee the future Advance – imaginative, excellence All Win- beneficial to all, sharing a win-win situation.


GD Holdings, which is founded by Dato’ Sri David, is different from others. He has chosen Nilai as the location of his very first development project because even if it is still a sub-urban area but the potential value of turnaround is enormous; also targeting the young and international markets, he boldly innovated the first of its kind to construct a petal-shaped condominium surrounded by nature. Now, with the economy development booming in Nilai, Dato’ Sri David is praised for his courage, determination and foresight to invest and develop his first project here.GD Holdings’ development project named [Green Beverly Hills], with total land area of 350 acres is recognized as potential emerging town. It is a comprehensive development program including luxury apartments, bungalows, commercial lots, shopping malls, amusement parks, office buildings, food court, cultural village and hotels. Nilai, also known as Education Hub is a place with international economic development strategy, human capital development, education, tourism and trade industry.


Green Beverly Hills” had been described as a green township away from busy city but has the same living style as a city.

The project phases of Green Beverly Hills :

  • Sky Bungalows
    2 blocks of petal-shaped luxury sky bungalows with breath taking natural views.

  • Water Villa
    Water is nature’s most refreshing element that nourishes our well-being. Our Water Villas is designed around this vital force to offer a unique living experience. Here, a luxurious, waterfront abode surrounded by luscious green layouts help celebrate your most exuberant aspirations, while a panoramic view of the lake fills you with a sense of unbridled freedom.

  • Garden Villa
    Imagine the lush brilliance of nature all around you while living within a cutting-edge home that enhances health and comfort. Our Garden Villas are designed to offer sleek luxury, pampered with natural indulgence. Enjoy superbly spacious layouts that will broaden your lifestyle horizons and leads to healthier living. A modernistic cutting-edge design style that allows you to build your own garden of dreams, or grow an amazing harvest. Let home-life take root and flourish within the unique and fertile environment.

  • High End Stylish Apartment
    Green Beverly Hills phase 2 project focal on High End Stylish Apartment,it is mainly catered to the growing demand of young generation and college students. Facilities here are as perfect as luxury condominiums; complete with a gym, swimming pool, convenience stores, security guards, park and others features so that the residents can enjoy their dynamic lifestyle.

  • Nilai Icon City
    “Nilai Icon City” is an integrated business hub development project. It comprises of convention centers, hotels, theme parks, office buildings, residential housing and shopping malls with strategic access. The project is based on 50 acre of land with a total built-up area of approximately 10 million square feet, consisting 1 million square feet of building material mall, 800 thousand square feet of furniture mall, 400 thousand square feet of convention center, 300 thousand square feet of gifts mall, 200 thousand square feet of lighting mall, 300 thousand square feet of indoor theme park, 300 thousand square feet of hotel, 3 million square feet of apartments, 3 million square feet of HQ office, 400 thousand square feet of office towers, it will be the biggest building material mall in South East Asia.