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Sky Bungalow

Property ID: Phase 1A, Current Development.

Introducing Sky Bungalow

Against the backdrop of a natural forest and lush waterscapes, an iconic architectural marvel rises to enrich the surrounding skyline of Nilai. Sky Bungalows are gleaming residential towers that signal the arrival at new heights in fully furnished, luxurious living. Stunningly shaped like 6 petal flowers, the towers are designed to bring out the best of wholesome green living that is pampered by modern conveniences. Our masterful concept combines an ultra modern architecture with a layout determined by auspicious Feng Shui aesthetics. Experience the pinnacle of health and natural splendours, while you enjoy unbounded spaciousness, views and freedom that will take aspirations high into an infinite sky.

Sky Bungalow Street View

Features of Sky Bungalow

  • Freehold
  • All units fully furnished ( except A1 type)
  • 6 layout choices from 739–1816 sq. ft.
  • Maximum glazing with unperturbed views
  • Ultra-modern facilities
  • Lush landscaping

Floor Plan of Sky Bungalow

Sky Bungalow Type A
(1,816 sf)

Sky Bungalow Type A (1,816 sf)

Sky Bungalow Type A1
(739 sf)

Sky Bungalow Type A2
(1,077 sf)

Sky Bungalow Type B
(1,586 sf)

Sky Bungalow Type C
(932 sf)

Sky Bungalow Type D
(952 sf)

Specifications of Sky Bungalow

Reinforced Concrete Frame

Reinforced Concrete wall/brick wall/partition wall

Reinforced Concrete Flat Roof with waterproofing

Skim Coat and Paint/Plaster Ceiling


  • Main Entrance : Fire Rated Timber Door with Paints
  • Others : Timber Flush Doors with Paint

Powder coated aluminium framed glass windows

Aluminum Framed Windows

Quality Locksets


  • General : Plaster and Paint
  • Master Bathroom : Quality Tiles
  • Typical Bathroom : Quality Tiles
  • Kitchen : Quality Tiles
  • Yard : Plaster and Paint
  • Balcony : Plaster and Paint
  • Living,Dining,Kitchen,Corridor : Quality Tiles


  • Master Bedroom(Type A) : Water Closet, Quality wash basins with tap, Quality shower head, Quality water tap
  • Master Bedroom(Type A2,B,C,D) : Water Closet, Quality wash basins with tap, Quality water tap
  • Typical Bathroom(A,A1,A2,B,C&D) : Water Closet, Quality wash basins with tap, Quality shower head, Quality water tap


  • Utility, Master Bath, Typical Bath,Yard : Quality tiles
  • Master Bedroom,Typical Bedroom : Laminated Flooring
  • Balcony : Quality Tiles
  • Storage (where applicable) : Cement Rendered
Type A Type A1 Type A2 Type B Type C Type I
  Type A Type A1 Type A2 Type B Type C Type D
*(Build-up Area) 1816 sq.ft 739 sq.ft 1077 sq.ft 1596 sq.ft 932 sq.ft 952 sq.ft
Electrical Installation (Single Phase) (Single Phase) (Single Phase) (Single Phase) (Single Phase) (Single Phase)
Telephone Point 1 1 1 1 1 1
Data Point 1 1 1 1 1 1
13A Socket Outlets 14 12 16 14 11 10
Lighting Points 19 8 11 16 11 11
Integrated TV and Astro Point(MATV) 1 1 1 1 1 1
Water Heater Power Point 3 1 1 3 2 2
Hot Water Piping 1 1 1 1 1
Air Conditioning Points 5 3 5 5 3 3
Door Bell Point 1 1 1 1 1 1
Washing Machine water Tapping Point 1 1 1 1 1

Additional Features:

  • Split air conditioning units
  • Built-in kitchen cabinets
  • Built-in wardrobes for all bedrooms except utility room
  • Security card access system

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