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Water Villa

Property ID: Phase 1B, Current Development.

Introducing Water Villa

Water is nature’s most refreshing element that nourishes your wellbeing. Our Water Villas is designed around this vital force to offer a unique living experience. Here, a luxurious, waterfront abode surrounded by luscious greens will enhance a wholesome lifestyle. Spacious layouts help celebrate your most exuberant aspirations, while a panoramic view of the lake fills you with a sense of unbridled freedom. The enjoyment of nature’s splendours is further heightened with superbly appointed, modern features such as private lift in all our 3-storey Water Villa units.

Villas are designed using combination of eastern and western styles, showing the beauty of the building structure, subtle and elegant, delicate line structures, exquisite exterior designs, soft colours, with plenty of natural light. There are multiple French windows, so that you can always catch the multi-angle landscape view, giving you the sense of always being close to nature.

Water Villa Street View

Features of Water Villa

  • Freehold
  • Water Villa – Only 21 units (Three and a half storey, comes with a private elevator, 6 +1 rooms, building area 6374 square feet onwards (50 “x 105”)

Floor Plan of Water Villa

Water Villa Type A
(Ground Floor)

Water Villa Type A
(First Floor)

Water Villa Type A
(Second Floor)

Water Villa Type A
(Third Floor)

Water Villa Type A
(Third Floor)

Specifications of Water Villa

Reinforced Concrete Frame

Reinforced Concrete wall/brick wall/partition wall

Reinforced Concrete Flat Roof with waterproofing

Skim Coat and Paint/Plaster Ceiling


  • Main Entrance : Fire Rated Timber Door with Paints
  • Others : Timber Flush Doors with Paint

Aluminum Framed Windows

Quality Locksets

Plaster & Paint


  • General : Plaster and Paint
  • Master Bathroom : Quality Tiles
  • Typical Bathroom : Quality Tiles
  • Kitchen : Quality Tiles
  • Yard : Plaster and Paint
  • Balcony : Plaster and Paint
  • Living,Dining,Kitchen,Corridor : Quality Tiles


  • Master Bedroom(Type A) : Water Closet, Quality wash basins with tap, Quality shower head, Quality water tap
  • Master Bedroom(Type A2,B,C,D) : Water Closet, Quality wash basins with tap, Quality water tap
  • Typical Bathroom(A,A1,A2,B,C&D) : Water Closet, Quality wash basins with tap, Quality shower head, Quality water tap


  • Utility, Master Bath, Typical Bath,Yard : Quality tiles
  • Master Bedroom,Typical Bedroom : Laminated Flooring
  • Balcony : Quality Tiles
  • Storage (where applicable) : Cement Rendered
Type A Type B & B1 Type C
1. Water closet 7 6 6
2. Wash Basin with quality tapu 8 8 8
3. Shower mixer with quality shower head 7 6 6
4. Water tap with quality hand bidet 7 6 6
5. 1 Set of quality shower screen 1 1 1
6. 1 Set of quality long bath 1 1 1
1. Telephone Point 2 2 2
2. Data Point 2 2 2
3. 13A Socket outlets 36 30 30
4. Lighting Point 65 52 52
5. TV Point 2 2 2
6. Hot Water Piping 6 6 6
7. Air conditioning point 11 10 10
8. Door Bell Point 1 1 1
9. Solar Water Heater Unit with Power Point 1 1 1

Additional Features:

  • Booster pump set
  • Solar panel complete with heater
  • Home lift for Type A only
  • Hot & cold water supply for all showers
  • Audio intercom to guardhouse

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