Keynote Address By GD Pavilion Director

Tan Sri Dato Dr Michael Yeoh Oon KhengCo-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute (ASLI)Founder Vice-Chairman of Centre for Public Policy Studies (CPPS)

advisor_02I am pleased to be appointed as Director of GD Pavilion and also very fortunate to dedicate my strength and experience in order to deepen the Malaysia-China bilateral diplomatic relations and promote economic development in Southeast Asia region.

GD Pavilion has a good entrepreneurial spirit, clear vision and goals, committed to build the Southeast Asia largest building material mall in Nilai, creating wider international market connectivity. This project could help to strengthen trades between Southeast Asia and Asia-Pacific region, and we are able to absorb the excess production and over supplies of building material in China, at the same time it play an strategic role in exploring the OIC countries market. Our marketing strategy is very clear; to provide customers with affordable, high quality product and excellent service; a win-win business platform for the manufacturer and consumer.In my global market insight and understanding, this is the era of booming global business opportunities, the rise of platform-based companies will lead the mainstream cooperation between enterprises and countries, it will be a new economic landscape.

An enterprise’s central idea is their vitality, with long-term perspective, in control of everything, I believe that we absolutely have the advantages and conditions to build a very strong platform for companies together to create shared business opportunities.