Keynote Address By GD Group Chairman

Yang Amat Bahagia Tun Dato’ Haji Sri Abdullah Bin Haji Ahmad Badawi5th Prime minister of Malaysia, Economic Advisor of Malaysia, Board member of BOAO Forum.

advisor_01I am delighted to be able to introduce my Chairman’s Statement. I am a firm believer that Malaysia has a lot of potential for businesses. Therefore, as the Chairman , my vision is to align and connect China, South East Asia, and the Middle East countries by providing a platform for these Nations to interact in the name of “Nilai Icon City”. Malaysia, being the focal point of this platform, Nilai Icon City will cater to multinational companies that want to expand their business to Malaysia.

My intention is that Nilai Icon City will facilitate, and provide the best assistance to ease their business plan here.Every developing country requires building material, which is why, building material industry is a multi-billion Ringgit industry with products ranging from ceramic tile, sanitary ware, household appliances, kitchen appliances, furniture and etc. Hence, with pride, I would like to state that Nilai Icon City will have the biggest Building Material Mall in South East Asia.

My mission for Nilai Icon City’s Building Material Mall is that we can cater to the demands of developing countries and the local market with premium quality products at a reasonable and stable price. The Middle East’s rapid development requires a massive amount of building material. With our Building Material Mall and the support of our China partners, we have the opportunity of exporting building material that are “MADE IN MALAYSIA”.

Our business strategy is clear to provide high quality products at a lower price. With that, Nilai Icon City will be very competitive at international level.